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Dyeing Lab

Automation is the key to success in all the processes and dyeing lab of Al-Abbas Fabrics is equipped with fully automatic machines starting from solution making to color dispensing till lab dyeing all machines are fully automated.

Al-Abbas Fabrics has a comprehensive dyeing machine package that provides a complete solution to today’s modern dye house with the latest know-how and cutting edge technology

Dyeing Lab Machines / Equipment

Machines/Equipment Manufacturer Model
Spectrophoto Meter DATA COLOR Spectro 1000
Spectrophoto Meter DATA COLOR SF 650
Auto Lab TF Gravimetric Lab DATA COLOR TF-80
Auto Lab SP Solution Maker DATA COLOR AUTO-LAB SPS
Auto Lab SPS Mixture Station DATA COLOR AUTO-LAB SPS
Ahiba Nuancel Lab Dyeing Machines DATA COLOR Nuance ECO
Yabo DGN Lab Dyeing Machine Wuxi Yangbo Textile Equipment Co. LTD DGN-1-24
Daelim Starlet Lab Dyeing Machines Daelim Starlet Co. LTD DL-1001
Daelim Starlet 2 Lab Dyeing Machines Daelim Starlet Co. LTD DL-6000
Lab Padder
Lab Dryer Despatch LAC
Light Box Macbeth Judge II
Light Box Macbeth Spectra light III
Swatch Cutter
Weighing Scale DIGIT (China)
Magnetic Stirrer
Hot Plate Annex (Germany) AG-1060
Refractometer ATAGE (Japan) N-1α
Electronic Balance AFD AFD200
Spray Rain Tester
pH and Conductivity Meter Metter-Toledo Seven Multi 8603
TDS Meter Trans Instrument Tds 2