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Dyeing Lab

Automation is the key to success in all the processes and dyeing lab of Al-Abbas Fabrics is equipped with fully automatic machines starting from solution making to color dispensing till lab dyeing all machines are fully automated.

Al-Abbas Fabrics has a comprehensive dyeing machine package that provides a complete solution to today’s modern dye house with the latest know-how and cutting edge technology

Dyeing Lab Machines / Equipment

Machines/Equipment Manufacturer QTY Model Capacity
Spectrophoto Meter DATA COLOR 1 SF 650
Spectrophoto Meter DATA COLOR 1 SF 600
Auto Lab TF Gravimetric Lab Dispenser DATA COLOR 1 TF-80 80 Bottles
Auto Lab SP Solution Maker DATA COLOR 1 AUTO-LAB SPS 01 Scale
Auto Lab SPS Mixer Station DATA COLOR 1 AUTO-LAB SPS 06 Mixers
Ahiba NuanceLab Dyeing Machine DATA COLOR 1 Nuance ECO 15 Pots (150 ml)
Yabo DGNLab Dyeing Machine Wuxi Yangbo Textile Equipment Co. LTD 1 DGN-1-24 24 Pots (350 ml)
Daelim Starlet Lab Dyeing Machine Daelim Starlet Co. LTD 1 DL-1001 24 Pots (150 ml), 24 Pots(300 ml)
Daelim Starlet 2 Lab Dyeing Machine Daelim Starlet Co. LTD 1 DLS-6000 24 Pots (150 ml), 24 Pots (300 ml) , 12 Pots (450 ml)
Padder Lab Padder Machine 1
DryerLab Dryer Machine Despatch 1 LAC
Light Box Macbeth 1 Judge II
Light Box Macbeth 1 Spectra light III
Swatch Cutter 1
Measurement Scale DIGIT (China) 1
Magnetic Stirrer 1
Hot Plate Annex (Germany) 1 AG-1060
Refractometer ATAGO (Japan) 1 N-1α
Electronic Balance AFD 1 AFD200
Spray Rain Tester 1
pH & Conductivity Meter Metter-Toledo 2 Seven Multi 8603
TDS Meter Trans Instrument 1 Tds 2