For Every Colour.. There's AL-ABBAS


To meet the growing demand of industry we are continuously adding ultra-modern finishing machines in our plant which enable us to finish variety of fabrics in tubular as well as open width. Currently our finishing capacity is 200,000 lbs /day & 72000,000 lbs /per annum.

We have Jumbo dryers /stenters and range of compaction machines. We do all kind of performance finishes like Soil & Stain resistant, Repellence, Easy wear, Moisture management, UV protection, Antimicrobial. These performances enhance the basic garment quality and make them more functional.

 Tubular Drying Capacity/day 200,000 LbsOpen Drying Capacity/day 45,000 LbsTubular Compaction/day 50,000 LbsOpen Compaction/day 35,000 Lbs 

Tubular Line Finishing

Machine Name Manufacturer Qty
Balloon Squeezer Heliot Turkey 1
Santa Stretch Santex Switzerland 1
Delta Nit Pad Tube Tex USA 1
Tube Tex Dryer 3Pass 5 Chambers USA 2
Santa shrink dryer-5 chamber Santex Switzerland 1
Santa shrink dryer-4 chamber Santex Switzerland 1
Tube Tex (Pak-nit II SP) Navis Global USA 1
Tube Tex (Delta Plus Pak-nit II ) Navis Global USA 1
Ferraro compactor Ferraro Italy 1
Tubular Calendar Jeongil Knit 1
Tubular Calendar Heliot Turkey 1

Open width Line Finishing

Machine Name Manufacturer Qty
Corino Slitting Corino Italy 1
Bianco Slitting Bianco Italy 1
Bianco Slitting Bianco Italy 1
Bruckner Stenter 6-Chamber Bruckner Germany 1
Stenter 8 chamber Sunwin China 1
Santa compact Santex Switzerland 1
Compactor Navis Global USA 1
Raising China 6
Peaching/Sueding Lamperti Italy 1
Shearing Mario Crosta (Italy) 1
Rolling Machine Santex Switzerland 1
(Double Padder +TSE HP PLUS + TMS-Multi strike)