We Produce Quality Textiles

Why Us

  • Capacity: Al-Abbas Fabrics has a daily Dyeing capacity of 40,000 Kg per day and Finishing capacity of  58,000 Kg per day with jumbo dryers, Stenters and compactors.
  • Scope:  Processing and Export of Knitted Fabrics.
  • Research & Development: R&D department is a crucial arm in Al-Abbas Fabrics Pvt. Ltd, an internal center of excellence to service the business and meet customer needs.
  • Process Control: Al-Abbas Fabrics has independent function of process control who monitor and control all processes & parameters according to the requirement.
  • Dyeing: Al-Abbas Fabrics is the only commercial dye house who carries out maximum number of dyes i.e.: Eco-Direct, Reactive, Disperse, Basic, Acid and VAT.
  • Certification: Al-Abbas Fabrics is OekoTex 100 Class I, ISO 9001:2015.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Al-Abbas is actively engaged in various certifications to fulfill customer, industry & environment needs. In Al-Abbas we believe in saving the environment by minimizing our wastages. Using Effluent Treatment Plant and aim for recycling water.
  • Dyes and Chemicals: Al-Abbas Fabrics use dyes & chemicals of multinational companies where quality & consistency being ensured before dispatch.
  • Quality Control: Al-Abbas Fabrics has vigilant and experienced Quality Control team, who perform different tests before approval/dispatch of fabric to customer with physical testing lab and fabric inspection to make sure products complies with customer’s standard.
  • Customer Care: Al-Abbas Fabrics has Customer care department to provide best services and co-ordination with customers.
  • ERP: Al-Abbas Fabrics has customized ERP SYSTEM.